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Make it illegal for banks to create money.

Make it illegal for banks to own our money. 

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Merchant Services

Accept Bitcoin at your business or on your website.  Here are some companies dedicated to helping you make the transition:

  • Bitcoin Transaction Coordinator Full Merchant Solution for organizations using the NetSuite Global ERP and eCommerce Platform
  • BitcoinPay Payment gateway for virtual currencies with direct settlement to PLN, CZK, EUR and USD. POS + API.
  • Bitcoinpaygate Bitcoin payment processing for the web & in store payments
  • BitKassa Merchant solution for accepting Bitcoin, getting Euro or Euro/Bitcoin percentage. The Netherlands.
  • BitMerch Provides HTML buttons to start accepting bitcoins instantly. No server side setup required.
  • BitPagos Bitcoin and Credit Card payment processor
  • BitPay Bitcoin payment processor with mobile checkout solution
  • BitPOS Bitcoin payment processor for online and brick and mortar stores
  • BitStraat SiteCite: "As of 10-11-2015 BitStraat is discontinued as a company."
  • BitX API Merchant API for registered businesses & developers in Indonesia, Malaysia, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa.
  • Free APIs to process bitcoin payments. No sign up or account needed. Update: Starting 01/2016 API2 requires an API key - account required!
  • BTCMerch Payment processor for bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. 0.5% transaction fee. Sandbox is available.
  • Coinbase Offers payment buttons, checkout pages, shopping cart integration, and daily cash out to USD.
  • CoinBox Bitcoin Point of Sales application for Android, with integration into various exchanges. Similar to Square.
  • Cashila Online bank account and payment processor. Accepts bitcoin payments, SEPA transfers and pay bills with bitcoin
  • CoinCorner - Integrate CoinCorner Checkout in to your eCommerce business using a simple plugin or the API for Bitcoin Payments. Point of Sale solution also available that allows physical retailers to easily accept bitcoin and automatically convert that to fiat, removing the risk of holding bitcoins.
  • Coinify Payment Service Provider (PSP) specializing in the technical aspects of accepting cryptocurrencies - such as bitcoin. Supports Bitcoin Web Payments, Mobile Checkout, In-store Bitcoin Payments and Bitcoin Invoicing with recurring billing in bitcoin.
  • Coinkite Secure wallet multisig, payment buttons, invoice pages, hardware POS terminals, and Debit-Cards.
  • CoinPip Online and POS bitcoin payment processor for Asia.
  • Coinsnap European Bitcoin Payment Provider
  • Coinvoice Invoice in USD or BTC, Get paid in USD or BTC.
  • Coinvoy Free Payment Gateway with built-in exchange
  • Cryptopay European payment gateway with daily payouts in GBP, EUR and USD. Exchange and wallet integrated.
  • Cubits Platform with multisignature wallets and merchant system Cubits Pay.
  • Paxful Accept Bitcoin with no internet then sell bitcoin for profit on our peer to peer exchange.
  • Bitcoin payment processing for merchants and day-traders
  • GoCoin International payment gateway and processing platform for Merchants
  • Bitcoin Payment processor with ready to use php scripts - Pay-Per-Download, Pay-Per-Product, Pay-Per-Membership, Pay-Per-Registration.
  • InPay was created to enable entrepreneurs to accept Bitcoin in PLN, EUR and USD.
  • My Coin Solution - Bitcoin consulting services and solutions
  • OKPAY Bitcoin payment processing for merchants
  • PayFast Merchant solution for South Africa. Integrated in 60+ shopping carts. Supports credit cards, EFT bank transfers and Bitcoin. When buyers pay with Bitcoin, merchants receive the South African rand equivalent, using BitX API
  • Payful Accept bitcoin - point of sale, shopping cart plugins and API. Supports payment processing in US dollars, Euros and Canadian dollars.
  • Polycoin Bitcoin payment processing platform with solutions for the financial sector
  • PocketPOS Bitcoin Point of Sale for Canadians, including merchant integration for CAD / BTC exchange.
  • Snowcron Bitcoin Store Engine: Handles payments, sends your customers information they ordered (reg. codes, passwords...) No web programming required.
  • SpectroCoin Payment gateway with daily payouts in GBP, EUR, USD, CZK, PLN and other currencies. Debit card, exchange and wallet offered. Plugins for e-commerce and API offered for integration.
  • SpicePay Accept Bitcoin for payments at this bitcoin processor that targets Europe, Russia and Latin America.
  • XBTerminal Brick-and-mortar hardware POS terminals with payment processing integrations.
  • xCoinMoney Online wallet for instant payment and subscriptions.



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